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The familiar knot in the pit of your stomach grew tighter as did your walls. He just stares at you, waiting for you to come back…if you want to. See more of this after the jump…. With his hoarse words and the flicking of his tongue against your bundle of nerves, you let the coil in your lower stomach unravel and you became a moaning, arching, grinding mess. You nearly laughed as it was obvious he drunk texted you as he sends you these when he is drunk.

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A smirk played on your lips, making Logan let out a heavy breath.

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He helped you keep grinding against his face as he worked his tongue on your clit. He started a slow pace again, his cock pumping in and out of you at a torturing speed, you felt every vein of him throb inside your wanton pussy, your muscles slightly spasming around his girth. As soon as he felt it relaxed he inserted a finger and carefully pumped in and out as he tongue-fucked you. Once they were done - Logan fully recovered thanks to his healing factor, whereas his opponent left the cage limping, he decided to spend the money he got on booze. MaleModel — Erotic Male Nudes. Find More Blog Links. Can you do that?

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