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For one thing, it's not necessarily as simple as highbrow vs. Back in the day, Adelson says, "dwarfs kept very busy trying to show they were like everyone else. Sandra Bullock Has Filed for Divorce". All the ensuing short jokes made "inadvertently" by a rattled Dharma were supposed to be at her expense. It has officially closed. Barbara Spiegel, 35, of South Portland, Maine, has achondroplasia and two young daughters, one adopted, with the same diagnosis.

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James sought to retain full guardianship, citing fear of the environment in which his daughter would be placed if returned to Lindemulder.

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The Korpais soon found themselves determined to help alter the culture into which Hailey had been born, which, for all its advances in civility -- when was the last time you heard somebody called "a cripple"? Not everyone is a fan of "little person," either, which to some sounds mythical and munchkin-y. What about the word "dwarf"? Which brings us to right now -- and to what dwarfism expert and LPA stalwart Dr. Povinelli will admit, with a sheepish smile, that early in his career he did in fact play Kimmel's testicle. Following the success of the documentary, the Discovery Channel approached James with an offer to host a new show called Monster Garage where James and a crew of mechanics modified vehicles under a short deadline. But LPA, they say, should not appear to endorse or place its imprimatur on an enterprise that can be seen as perpetuating age-old dwarf stereotypes.

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